3 Free WordPress Speed Test Tools

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You have spent hours or days to create a website or blog using WordPress. However, do you know that users visiting your website will close and leave after 3 seconds if it does not load?

So, how do I know whether my WordPress site is slow or fast for my users to view and read my articles that I have painstakingly created in hours?

Don’t worry about this article, I would be sharing with you 3 Free WordPress Speed Test Tools that you can use to test desktop and mobile versions.

They are easy to use with some pasting of your site’s URL and letting the Speed Test Tool show you some magic.

Let’s get started!

1. PageSpeed Insights by Google

PageSpeed Insights are more suited for beginners looking to analyze their website and get suggestions on improvements that can be made.
PageSpeed Insights
PageSpeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights reports on the performance of a page on both mobile and desktop devices. It also provides suggestions on how a website page can be further improved.

PageSpeed Insights provides a score from 0 to 100 which summarises the page’s performance.

A score of 90 or above is considered good. 50 to 90 is a score that needs improvement, and below 50 is considered poor.

This score is determined by running Lighthouse where it generates a performance score that estimates the page’s performance on different metrics, including: First Contentful Paint, Largest Contentful Paint, Speed Index, Cumulative Layout Shift, Time to Interactive and Total Blocking Time.

PageSpeed Insights Report
PageSpeed Insights Report

PageSpeed Insights also provides reports on both Mobile & Desktop views, with their scores and suggestions to improve on the website’s speed.

In order to get your report on PageSpeed Insights, simply just copy and paste the URL of your site and hit the “ANALYZE” button.

You can try PageSpeed Insights by clicking here.

2. Pingdom

Pingdom is suited for both beginners and advanced users. However, Pingdom provides a piece of more in-depth information for advanced users to use should they require it.
Pingdom Website Speed Test
Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool

Pingdom is one of the most popular WordPress Speed Test Tool that many WordPress content creators or WordPress developers use.

Pingdom provides a summary that provides information on your site’s load time and performance grade.

Their performance grade works the same as PageSpeed Insights.

Pingdom Results
Pingdom.com Speed Test Report

Not only does Pingdom provide you with a results report, but it also provides a performance insights section where it gives you in-depth information on areas to improve your page performance by clicking the dropdown button.

Pingdom Page Performance
Performance Insights

Pingdom also provides many more features such as Content size by content type, requests by content type, content size by domain, and requests by domain.

Pingdom other features

You can use Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool here.

3. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is suited for both beginners and advanced users. However, GTmetrix provides a piece of more in-depth information for advanced users to use should they require it.

GTmetrix is another tool similar to Pingdom which provides website page speed test summary and more detailed information for both beginners and advanced users.

GTmetrix provides an easy to read performance report which consists of the Load time, PageSpeed score, and YSlow Score.

The YSlow score works the same as the PageSpeed Insights.

GTmetrix Summary
GTmetrix Summary

GTmetrix also provides more information with several tabs such as PageSpeed, YSlow, Waterfall, Timings, Video, and History for users to check.

GTmetrix works the same as Pingdom, where users can click on the drop-down box to read the analysis and to see how they can further improve their sites.

GTmetrix suggestion tabs

GTmetrix’s default test location is Vancouver, Canada. However, users can sign up for an account and you would be able to have access to the other test locations and different browsers to choose from too.

You can use GTmetrix Speed Test Tool here.

Factors to take note when using any of the WordPress Speed Tools

1. Test Location

Test Location is an important factor to take note as different WordPress Speed Test Tools use different server location to test and run your website.

You may want to choose a location that is nearer to your website’s audience. For example, if your site is catered or have more views coming from the Asia Pacific, then you should pick the test location that is the closest to it.

But having a wide variety of test locations to choose from can help to check that your site loads fast on any region your visitor is coming from.

2. “Load Time” & Results may differ

Load Time differs on different WordPress Speed Test Tools due to the different WordPress Speed Test Tools configuration.

Factors that can affect are First contentful paint, DOM content loaded, Onload time, and Fully Loaded time.

3. Hosting Server

Your server’s location may also cause difference. Let’s say your server is hosted in Singapore, under the Asia Pacific. Your site would definitely load faster from the test location in Japan compared to the Canada test location since Japan is nearer to Singapore.

However, you may consider using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to optimise and load your sites quickly on all locations, if you notice that your website is loading slowly on certain locations or regions.

If you are using a Shared Hosting, do note that your server is hosted with multiple other websites on the web, hence you are sharing the same resources, bandwidth, etc on that single server and it can host hundreds of users. Therefore, your website may be slowed down due to this factor.

Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Hosting Server, or Dedicated Servers, on the other end, will not be affected due to them being allocated to that one, specific server where they do not share resources with any other users. Hence, the speed may be indeed faster compared to Shared Hosting users.

Our Verdict

After reading on the list of recommended WordPress Speed Test Tool, you may still wonder which tools is more suited for me or which one do I choose from.

Definitely, we will recommend the use of any of the above mentioned WordPress Speed Test Tools. But, we will still help you classify and choose one of the tools that can better help you and to understand how you can improve your website.

PageSpeed Insights by Google are for beginners who wish to solely test their website speed and get some suggestions on how else they can improve their website, normally via some plugin installation. For example, installing a cache plugin to speed up their site and remove unwanted CSS.

Pingdom is for both beginners and advanced users to use as they provide a summary that contains a performance grade, loading time, and page size. Advanced users can make use of the page improvements section to see how else to improve as they provide a detailed suggestion. WordPress or any Developers are also welcomed to use this plugin as it is very popular.

GTmetrix is suited for both beginners and advanced users, like Pingdom. They provide basic features like the performance scores by PageSpeed and YSlow as well as the loading speed for beginners to understand. They also do provide several tabs such as PageSpeed, YSlow, Waterfall, Timings, Video, and History for advanced users to use. A detailed suggestion can be used via the dropdown button.

We hope you would be able to understand and choose one that supports your needs to analyse your WordPress website and improve on the speed.

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